What To Expect After You Enter Your Bookin Information On AntaBraids.com

Once you book online your new booking will be waiting for a final approval. Once approved be prepare to make your 50% of the payment due as a cancellation fee. Following the final email confirmation you will receive soon please make that deposit via the Zelle App and complete your transaction in our calendar.

Note: Please make your deposit to complete this transaction.

If your booking is with special order hair you also need to pay for the hair you order with the appointment. Hair order special order usually take 2 to 1 week in advance to complete. Ordering special color hair needs 14 days advance if not in stock.

Human hair and synthetic hair you purchase can be taken out its packaging and dipped in apple cider vinegar, washed, conditioned, dried and preparing for your session for just an extra $20 if you request it.

Please use the national  ZELLE APP to make your appointment 50% of the payment deposit fee and special hair order. We also have a website Antaweaves.com to purchase hair direct.

Appointment deposit secures your spot and also let us know that you are a serious customer.

YOU MISSED YOUR APPOINTMENT ONCE AFTER PAYING A DEPOSIT? NO WORRIES WE GOT YOU. If you happen to miss your appointment set up once for some reason, we will try rescheduling you once more at no extra coast. You will use the already made deposit again for the second attempt that is 2 weeks or less.

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