Antaweaves.Com is an online hair store that sells to people worldwide and deliver human virgin hair from around the world. We bring the hair to your doorsteps. We offer quality and luxurious Brazilian, Peruvian, Asiatic virgin human hair of all colors (1, 1b, 2, 4,27,28…).  You can also order other colors not mentioned here. We have a custom made color feature. We produce any color you like. Just refer to our color chart below when placing your custom order.

Hair Origins: We are delivering hair you order to your liking to your door steps from Asia, Brazil, Peru, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Senegal and more.

You are linking with one of the best new hair providers and hair quality  around the world.

Hair Textures: From silky glossy hair, to mat and neutral shine hair, to wavy and curly hair, to straight and sleek hair to Kinky or curly hair  we sell it here. You can custom order your hair press.

Contact: Please text 646-580-7204 for any questions you have about your preferred hair color and texture of choice. We do not accept calls but text messages and emails only. To shop CLICK HERE:   HERE to directly purchase the  popular standard colors we offer.

Special colors like pink, purple and more available for custom order. Please add the details of your color  request on the note section while making a direct purchase at our online store:

Meet owner Anta Niang.

Anta is a weavologist and African plus sized model who for years has worked as a professional plus sized model in New York. with the experience of playing model every day for over a decade she understand the importance of hair to help achieve a certain desired look. She happens to know hair stylist very well and all those elements  had help design this enterprise and brought you

Anta been a hair professionally for over 32 years. This is part of her West-African Senegalese heritage. Furthermore she has worked as a fashion model for over a decade and understood the importance of hair to achieve a certain look clients desired.

Today she is one of NYC finest weavologist and proud to represent and share her weaving experience and heritage with New York city finest. You can join our client list by texting: 646 580 7204 or signing up for our newsletter here.

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