A New Braiding Technique

AntaBraids was invented by Anta at about age 11. Its the outcome of getting braided by the tribal family braider every month and going through so much scalp and edge pain that she decided there got to be a better way and as a braider apprentice to her tribal members who knew to braid and though her she decided to do something about it by starting to braid he own hair without hurting her scalp and edged. After 4 years of applying er braiding knowledge on self she developed a technique she used in weaving and braiding that did not hurt and allowed the hair to last as long as if it was tight.


Protective Style Sew  In

Today Anta's direct customers appreciate her braiding techniques innovation very much as her growing hand and  technique allowed them to get braided without pain, solve a major issue of edge ripping and pulling while helping your natural hair grow. Her sew in techniques also include weaves without cap allowing you to reach your scalp during the time you have your weave and wash underneath it. Also done without pain or pulling in comparaison to the traditional sew ins. A major revolution in the weaving  industry. Clients has kept their sew ins as long as 4 months without having a cap or tensions in their hair at any point.