Our AntaBraids braiding project is known for boxbraids, Senegalese twists, crochet braids, goddess locs, lakhass, chou, weave and hair charms creations.

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Another popular service we have is our weave installation with AntaWeaves. We provide sew in protective weave style that allows your hair to rest or grow inside the installation while you wear a look that's natural looking. Also our weave techniques allows you access to the area that has the installed weave. A feature that usually is not provided with standard weave techniques.

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Natural Hair

Growing your hair naturally with us under your protective style is one of our main goals at AntaBraids. Also feeding your hair the right natural ingredients to help and allow it to grow is another goal of ours. And finding your natural curls pattern and defining it is super important to us. We want you to meet, learn and love your natural hair.

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Anta was borned into the wolof tribe with an artful and skilled surrounding. She was exposed daily to style, fashion, architecture, decoration skills, artists and braiders. Her immediate family members and surrounding influenced her interest at first but her passion for braiding made her learn more and more and more as an apprentice to the tribal master and by age 15 she was already creating styles on her own that attracted the interest of her friends and surrounding.

She then started a part time business in weekend, holidays and summer vacation to earn extra money while studying science and technology in French school.

Her small part time business was super popular and some even considered if she did not do your hair your hair was not fly.

Anta CEO/CFO/COO AntaBraids

Next Steps...

To getting your hair done.

  1.  Text 347 770 6909
  2. Provide if you are in Bronx, Brooklyn or Manhattan( if you are not in those zone we can t book you at the moment we only have services in these 3 areas. In the future we plan on expending.
  3. Provide information of the Style, length, color, size, date and time
  4. Request and agree on the price quote
  5. If all is coordinated and agreed go to to book your appointment on the calendar.
  6. After booking your appointment on the calendar you must send a zelle or quickpay that is 50% of the price you are quoted
  7. You will receive a receipt from your bank and a confirmation of your appointment from AntaBraids.