*We are a TRAVELING SERVICE and we come to salon. We save you the trip to travel somewhere to do your hair and provide privacy at the comfort of your home while doing your hair.


Hair service is by appointment only in BRONX, BROOKLYN & MANHATTAN. Do not drop by our enterprise address for hair service we will not be able to help you as we will be out and about to do a client hair. We accept online inquiries and text message inquiries. Text 646 580 7204 to speak to Anta or text our company line at 347 770 6909.

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Please wash, condition, dry your hair before hair session. We can do that for you for an extra fee if you need. We can’t work on dirty hair it is not only healthy for you but also our braider can not be inhaling hair dirt while braiding your hair.

If you have an existing style before doing your hair with us and would like us to remove it for you just let us know in advance and we can do it for a fee.

We can retouch the hair we do for you but not the one someone else did for you as we are not sure what technique they used and if it works with the techniques we have or your braids installation mapping.

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and will try our best to satisfy you. Show us a look and we’ll complete it. We provide you with synthetic hair in your price quote in general. You can order hair from our online hair supply store named www.antaweaves.com. It is preferable to have your hair included to your price quote as we did the styles on our site and already tested the hair we use and picked the best on for it. Do not buy hair for the style we do. Our master braider Anta who knows what she needs purchase the hair she needs for AntaBraids and all its related or parallel hair enterprises. Hair order is recommended with 7 days to 14 days at least prior to your appointment day. Rush orders are available and you can arrange it direct with your braider Anta.

If your booking is with special order hair you also need to pay for the hair you order with the appointment. Hair order special order usually take 2 to 1 week in advance to complete. Ordering special color hair needs 14 days advance if not in stock.

Human hair and synthetic hair you purchase from us can be taken out its packaging and dipped in apple cider vinegar, washed, conditioned, dried and preparing for your session for just an extra $20 if you request it.

After consulting, getting a quote and booking on the calendar above please make your 50% deposit /cancelation fee to complete your booking transaction and receive our confirmation email.

Retouches of any kinds are half the price of the style if stylist have the time to fit it in her schedule. Not that retouches or hair removal are not our service priority but installations are. You have a chance to reschedule after missing the first appointment and use the %50 deposit fee toward your hair session. If the second appointment is missed you will be charged another deposit for the 3rd appointment made for the style ordered. If we cancel on you we refund your full deposit. However if you cancel on us we keep your deposit and you will need to book again for an appointment. We may be able to accommodate your appointment rescheduling within 2 weeks without asking for deposit again but after two weeks you will need to book another one and pay for it.


Please use the national  ZELLE APP to make your appointment 50% of the payment deposit fee and special hair order. We also have a website Antaweaves.com to purchase hair direct.

Appointment deposit secures your spot and also let us know that you are a serious customer.

YOU MISSED YOUR APPOINTMENT ONCE AFTER PAYING A DEPOSIT? NO WORRIES WE GOT YOU. If you happen to miss your appointment set up once for some reason, we will try rescheduling you once more at no extra coast. You will use the already made deposit again for the second attempt that is 2 weeks or less.


*We have to understand hair to be doing hair for over 33 years.  We understand the struggle to getting perfect and effortless hair. Realistic expectation can be achieved with our services. You can explain or show us a picture of what you want. Or the best is to look through our already done installation you know for sure we can do as we did already and order your style. We are not a doctor so if you have serious hair issues or diseases we won’t be able to solve them or service you. Please contact your physician first and cure the issue before coming to us. We are just making the hair installation. To avoid delaying the hair stylist installation of your order please do not attempt to manage how she is doing her work. She already knows how to provide the look. All you going to do is make her take more time than necessary to make the style you order and delay the process and extra charges for your order. Trust our expertise please and let us do the work.

*The way braids and weave looks is not the same it feels. So there will be bumps and tracks when its touched.  Because you feel the install you are not seeing it This applies to control freaks only. Don’t try styling your hair after we leave you can call us complaining about the chop you gave it or rearrangement or any alteration and want service for free. We have braided all types of hair. Long, short, Bald, damaged, healthy, silky, dry, thick, thin…without pulling the hair hard. Our customers hair and edges actually grows as we are gentle in our touch and do not pull your roots like the typical African braiding techniques.

*Buying your own hair doesn’t make you an AntaBraids hair buyer expert. Understanding hair takes expertise and knowledge and experience. Not everything works. So leave it to the expert Anta who is the master braider at AntaBraids to purchase the hair she needs to make the styles she created or done and you are ordering. Different styles may need different types of hair. Everything is not for everyone. We are servicing who this service works for. It s a celebrity treatment for you even if you are not a celebrity. Our aim is to provide black women and women of any race or religions, men who do braids a service that is more comfortable than the traditional standard braiding service of the moment.

*If you are contacting us to test products its at your own expenses and we would not appreciate you misrepresenting us because do not really know or understand what we do , provide and what really are braids about or it s realities. Unnatural events are not welcome as they cause glitch in our perfectly working and already tested system. If at home service is not meant for you do not force it by constantly texting us from zones we don’t service or things we do not provide and create an issue that do not exist in our set up.

*Respect your hair appointment time as we have a schedule as well and when you book and cancel so close to the appointment you induce business lost. We understand things happens sometimes but appointment are 50% deposit required for booking and the rest to be paid at your session. If we ever do not show to your paid appointment you get refunded but if you don’t honored your appointment set up you will be charged cancellation fee. You also have once chance more each time you miss your appointment or want to reschedule it to use the one time deposit for that appointment made.

When you place your order and get your hair style to your satisfaction we go.  We ask you about the style you need via consultation and at the session. If you change something at the session we will try to accommodate it but if it s something that needed preparation we wouldn’t be able to accommodate it. We gave you what you asked for we will leave and if you want to adjust something after your stylist leaves you will need to book another session for a minimum 50% charge another time and for another day appointment.  You book an appointment and our time and after any request is a new booking and job to pay for.

*Please do not monopolize the phone lines with an endless consultation about your order. We can not teach you about braids via text message or test for what we know via text messages. Our text message system is for ordering something you already know you want and texting to arrange about getting it done. Our ohone lines are not for learning about braids and we do not want to be texting one customers all day to talk about how and what braids. Orders would not arrive due to it. To learn about braids take a class with Anta here for a fee or research your curiosity. Consultations are for style you are ordering and already know about, color, length, size, hair type and date/time request and arrangements. It really takes about 5-10mn and not hours and days of texting the phone line. When on our phone lines for days and other orders are not coming in naturally you will be suspected of hacking our line and our support will be making sure your phone is not capturing our clients calls all days.

It is not ok to hack our order processing and waist our time with fake requests via text or calling our phone lines when we don’t receive call because you work for a firm, another stylist or an audacious organization acting s if our business is a source for them. It is not.  Agencies under certain people or organization who has the audacity to make decision for our company is warn to bot contact, use or call out system. A lot of people knows nothing about braids or what we are trying to do or provide so do not attempt to interfere with its happenings under no circumstance. It works for those we design it for and its ok it doesn’t for those who it not fitting. Do not deprive anyone it could work for of the chance to try it.

AntaBraids.com Is own, managed and financially supported by Anta Niang. No assets of Anta is to be dispatched to any other financial firm, braiding project, store or state. Everyone has the right to create something and grow it. It is not ok to take someone creation or idea and infringe their copyrights for whatever reason. If you do not have the written and notorized legal authorization to franchise her idea after paying her directly to her satisfaction do not use her business model or techniques. No financial firm, law firm or individual represent her in this authorization but self. If you need a franchise of AntaBraids or to use the name or concepts you will need to contact her and request permission and negotiate price. Not look for mis-authorization from 3rd or disrespectful parties

Do not try managing our business or testing and all those actions that waste our resources.  Its a violation of our most basic rights to entrepreneurship. Abuse on the human beings doing your hair.  Nothing gives anyone or any organization such right. So when using this keep this in mind even if told so.

Do NOT make fake appointment in our system for whatever reason. It affects our calendar and is an abuse to our systrem. We will track you and your ip and do something about it.

We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.

You are in the comfort of your home when our services are provided. You can not use someone ‘s place without their approval. Any incidentals following your relations or set up is not something we are involved with. We ‘ll install your hair and style and make sure its fabulous.  We travel by MTA and Plane within the US. If you need service past when the subway serves their will be a fee for the fare. If any of these infrastructure is late or delayed it’ll affect our arrival time. So keep that in mind. You will be noticed if  stylist is in delay and you ‘ll know what’s going on. That’s best we will be able to do in that case. Travel beyond the MTA are to be covered by customers. We service everyone celebrities included and travel far to do hair in the US. Dont hesitate to contact us if you like your did. A service fee will applies.

*We take photos of our work for many reasons. The style we install is our art work and needs to be a photo for a proof of service of the style ordered. This is part of the service agreement. You ll have the option to want your face to show or not. These photos may be shown unless you state otherwise for style display. Let us know in advance or close your eyes on some photos when pictures being taken for the display. Do not videotape our techniques during sessions. They are property of Ndeye Anta Niang and to be used only of coordinated with her as a school or authorized franchise by her and not forced with legal techniques. It her invention and for her to benefit of the outcome.

Thank you for choosing Anta Hair Braiding & Weave.

Anta Niang